Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

Teenage Conservationist

If you’re a scientists hurting for data or an adventurer itching to help change the world, look no further. Gregg Treinish, an explorer affiliated with National Geographic, has founded a match-making non-profit to bring conservationists and adventurers together.

Initially just an adventurer, Treinish pursued a degree in biology after hiking 7,800 miles in the Andes. The fieldwork that accompanied his scholarly work fulfilled and inspired him. His new desire to mesh exploration and scientific discovery resulted in his brainchild, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. Globe-trotting adventurers help scientists with data collection in places that scientists are unable to reach.

Treinish is working to solve a problem many scientists face: lack of funds to travel to remote corners of the world. Now, adventurers who can get out there enjoy themselves while working for the greater good.  Note: at ASC, the term “adventurer” is not limited to extreme athletes. ASC has…

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